Troyer Dirt Race Cars - Since 1981 we have been building dirt track cars.

Troyer Asphalt Modifieds - Specializing in quality equipment for the blacktop racer.

Troyer Dirt/Pavement Modifieds - Specifically for running DIRT a style Modified on pavement.

About Troyer

Founded in 1977 by all-time great Northeastern Modified racer Maynard Troyer, and under the ownership of Billy Colton since 2000, Troyer Race Cars as been adhering to the same premise of service with satisfaction that has established the company as one of the most successful race car manufacturing businesses in the country.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality racing products & services in the market, at competitive prices. Research, commitment & precision will ensure every customer is receiving the top equipment available.

Victory Lane

Troyer Clients in Victory Lane in 2013

Maynard Troyer

In 1977, Maynard Troyer quit his job at Nagel Ford and began building race cars for others as a result of this request being so frequently made to him. This was the start of Troyer Incorporated and it soon began building Troyer Race Cars which quickly became some of the most sought-after and thought-provoking asphalt and dirt-track Modifieds in competition. After several more years of working at his Troyer Race Cars shop, Maynard Troyer finally began to slow down as in 1989 former asphalt Modified driver Billy Colton became a co-owner and managing partner of the company and then Colton became its sole owner in 2000 and has been ever since.

Billy Colton

In 2000, Billy Colton became sole owner of Troyer Race Cars after being a co-owner and a managing partner in 1989. He first started working for Ftroyer n the summer of 1981 and progressively worked up the chain of command. Colton retired from pavement Modified racing in 1987 to continue his career of building racecars.

Colton is highly respected within the racing community, providing guidance and support to Troyer customers over the years. In 2012, Colton won the DIRT Mororsports Hall of Fame Mechanic Award.


The focus of Troyer Race Cars has been and will continue to be on our customers and the race cars we build for them. Every builder always wants to sell more cars, we’re no different. However, we’re content to grow at a steady rate, fast enough to keep busy and slow enough to allow time for personal attention as 100% service is what we’re really all about.